Thanking the Program’s guest speakers of 2020

Guest lectures photo collage alphabetical order 02)

Guest lectures photo collage alphabetical order

We like to express our warmest thanks to our prominent guest speakers for making time in their busy schedules to join classes and address the MBA International students.

During 2020, the following distinguished speakers shared their in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise with the i-MBA students, in core courses and electives alike.

Mr. Makis Antypas (C-Suite Series)

Co-founder and Group CIO, Viva Wallet, Chief Executive Officer Vivabank

Topic: Building the next FinTech Unicorn

Course: Business Strategy

Mr. Yannis Bassias (C-Suite Series)

President & CEO of Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management S.A.

Topic: The exploration of oil and gas potential in Greece

Course: Energy Economics and Management

Mr. Nikos Chloros (C-Suite Series)

Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CNL CAPITAL

Topic: Financing Greek SMEs

Course: Financial Management

Ms. Leda Condoyanni (C-Suite Series)

Corporate Governance Director, Mytilineos

Topic: Main Issues and Dilemmas in Corporate Governance

Course: Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

Mr. Nikos Drandakis (C-Suite Series)

Founder and CEO, Beat

Topic: Building a Successful Business: Leading and Managing People

Course: Organizational Behavior & HRM

Ms. Diana Jone (Minghui Zhong)

Co founder at R&J Cultural Life International

Topic: The effect of social and cultural environments in International Business

Course: International Business

Ms. Georgia Kalemidou (C-Suite Series)

Senior Manager, KPMG Greece

Topic: Performance Management: why, what, how-today and tomorrow!

Course: Organizational Behavior and HRM

Ms. Anastasia Kizili (Alumni Series)

Customer Insights @Cardlink

Topic: Unveiling Growth Opportunities with Data- Driven Decisions

Course: Business Strategy

Mr. Athanasios Kosmopoulos

Data Protection Officer (DPO) / Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance

Topic: The Comprehensive approach of Public health as a Hybrid Threats domain

Course: Strategic Restructuring in the Healthcare and Life Science

Mr. Norbert Kurilla

State Secretary at the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic

Topic: Transition to Green Economy

Course: Managerial Economics

Professor Adam Layland

Head of Commissioning for Health Education England and Consultant Paramedic

Topic: Leadership for supporting the new strategy in the UK National Health Service

Course: Strategic Restructuring in the Healthcare and Life Science Sector

Mr. Stylianos Matthaiou (Alumni Series)

Global Strategy Director – Lodging & Activities, Expedia Group

Topic: Workshop on Design Thinking

Course: Innovation, Creativity and the Management of Technology

Mr. Efthymios Nikolopoulos (C-Suite Series)

Commercial Operations, Strategic Initiatives & Business Development Director, Astra Zeneca

Topic: International Business in the Pharma Sector

Course: International Business

Ms. Elia Passa (Alumni Series)

Executive Director at JP Morgan

Topic: Investment Due Diligence – Theory and Practice

Course: Financial Management

Mr. Platon Peristeris

Consultant in Pharmaceuticals and ex Medical Director, MSD Greece, Cyprus and Malta

Topic: Biologics and Biosimilars: Bridging Innovation and Treatment Cost

Course: Strategic Restructuring in the Health and Life ScienceFeedback

Mr. Spyros Raptis (C-Suite Series)

General Manager Greece & Cyprus, Europe Operations at Schneider Electric

Topic: Achieving Sustainability and Efficiency with Resilience

Course: Operations Management

Mr. Fotis Siadimas (Alumni Series)

Shopper Marketing Manager Stills at Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Italy

Topic: How agile Marketing should be

Course: Marketing Management

Mr. Christos Spatharakis (C-Suite Series)

Co-Founder & CEO at Ferryhopper

Topic: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Ferryhopper and its challenges

Course: Entrepreneurship and Business Planning

Ms. Eva Spillioti (C-Suite Series)

Energy Sector, CFO at Copelouzos Group

Topic: Investment case in the energy sector

Course: Financial Management

Mrs. Myladie Stoumbou (C-Suite Series)

Regional Director at Microsoft

Topic: What HRM can do for business: positive and negative effects

Course: Organizational Behavior and HRM

Mr. Lambros Theodorakis (C-Suite Series)

Director of Product Marketing at Siemens Healthineers

Topic: The design and execution of global Go2Market strategies & the market analysis for successful products in the MedTech industry

Course: Marketing Management

Mr. Dimitris Tsatsanis (C-Suite Series)

Deputy Director, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions Department at Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation

Topic: Doing International Business through M&As

Course: International Business


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