Welcome to the 12th Issue of i-MBA SCOPE!


Welcome to the 12th issue of our periodical newsletter i-MBA SCOPE. This issue focuses on Artificial Intelligence, AI, today’s major transformative force in business and beyond.

In the first article, Professor Theodore Evgeniou of INSEAD, shares his rich expert insights about the context, transformations and implications for business and society that AI brings. In the second article, Mr. Andreas Zaras, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Professional, presents and exposes of the evolution of science-based decision-making and the emerging role of AI.

The third article, by Dimitrios Agagiotis, Azure Data & AI Specialist at Microsoft and i-MBA Alumnus, emphasizes AI as the beginning of a new era, as revolutionary as the steam engine or the internet. Dimitrios also provides personal insights, based on his conversations with key stakeholders about AI in various industries.

This issue features also an article by Panayotis Gezerlis, Founder and President of Convert Group and i-MBA Alumnus, who also has been instrumental in the practical development and implementation of i-MBA HUB, briefly refers to AI-enhanced collaboration between retailers and brands through data, before suggesting how AI can aid the growth and enhancement of the i-MBA alumni community. Moreover, Konstantinos Skianis, CEO and Founder at MEDIACUBE and i-MBA Alumnus, presents through his article how AI transforms digital advertising through the case of MEDIACUBE

Finally, Kiki Avgoustatou, CHRO at Randstad Greece discusses, in the Career & Alumni Section, the impact of AI on HR practices. She lays out how AI can assist and add value to a range of HR processes and activities, including the crafting of job descriptions, streamlining internal documents and procedures, and improving effectiveness in recruitment and talent acquisition.

A major development that will enhance the alumni relations and interactions in the MBA International community is the recent launch of a world-class alumni networking platform, i-MBA HUB, powered by an international service provider. In the Career and Alumni Corner, Career Development Manager Ioanna Tranou presents the platform and its numerous possibilities. The implementation and sustained development of this platform is not possible without generous support from Donors. We warmly thank our first Platinum Donors, MEDIACUBE and its CEO and Founder Konstantinos Skianis, and Panayotis Gezerlis, Founder and President at Convert Group.

The newsletter also contains program and alumni news as well as suggested links related to the AI driven transformation and AI impact outlooks.

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