Ahmed Sulaiman Khalfan Al Mahrizi

Tourism Education and Research,Training and Career Guidance, Administration and Marketing,

A professional experienced and highly innovative person working as Director of Short Courses at Oman Tourism College since 2012, currently on a study leave doing a PhD in stakeholder’s participation in tourism planning in Oman, at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. This is a full research oriented PhD focusing on Oman tourism sector.

As Director of Short Courses there are different responsibilities which includes; finding about Oman’s tourism industry challenges, issues and development needs and working closely with academics to providing solutions to these issues through customised training programmes, responsible for marketing of tourism training programmes which usually last between 3 days to one year, developing and negotiation news business deals related to training, coordinating with the Ministry of Manpower and the tourism Industry to raise the Omanisations level at the sector by developing and  providing training programmes for job seekers in Oman, developing and managing relations with government, private sector companies and individual clients. In addition responsible for the day to day management of students (trainees), ensuring quality standards are met, responsible for staff management, registration of students.

Past experiences between 2003 and 2012 included; working at the government of Oman as an Administrative researcher at the Ministry of Higher Education in Oman. Then worked as an Assistant Director of Career Guidance at the Ministry of Higher Education responsible for; providing work placements opportunities for undergraduates of six colleges of applied sciences in Oman, developing partnership between the Ministry of Higher Education and the industry, liaising between the academic departments and industry in Oman to bridge gap between academic skills and work skills.

As voluntary work was a member of the board of directors of Oman Hereditary Blood Diseases Association, supporting initiatives for creating public awareness about inherited blood disease, working with the government of Oman to improve services and legislations for blood disease patients and raising funds. There are also other voluntary work in sport, cultural and heritage activities in Oman.

Current Distinctions & Awards