Services to students

AUEB’s MBA International Program turns out cutting-edge professionals.

With this thought in mind, the Career Office aims to provide students with a set of services, tools and techniques that utilize the competencies taught in the MBA International program.

The Career Office offers state-of-the-art tools and resources to empower students in managing their careers across a lifetime, whether they are:

  • Launching their careers – for students who are new to the job market.
  • Advancing their current career path – for mid-career students who want to move to the next level.
  • Changing their career path – for students who have decided to change the direction their career is going in and plan their next step.

Develop your passion

One-to-One Career Counselling Session

  • Self assessment tools, which help clarify career choices.
  • Performance assessment /management tools
  • Guidance in creating professional resumes and cover letters
  • Competency identification and assessment
  • Individual Development Plans and Action Plans
  • Training sessions and skill building workshops
  • Behavioural interviewing techniques, including mock interviews and interview preparation seminars.

Active Recruitment

  • Students are constantly informed about new job openings from international companies.

Career Fairs

  • Once a year, a Career Fair is organized. There, students and alumni of the program have the chance to meet and have interviews with employers from various sectors of the international and local market.

Improve your skills

Workshop Series

  • Career development skills are presented from experienced HR representatives and recruiters who speak on selected topics such as resume writing, interviewing skills and preparing one for the workforce.

Expand your network

Company Day Series

  • Company leaders are invited to present and recruit on campus, describe their firms, and interact with students.

International Series

  • Representatives from international companies or alumni having achieved international success share their personal and professional experiences with students and discuss career opportunities.

Alumni Series

  • Alumni share their experience with students on topics such as “Life after the MBA”, “Myths versus Realities”, “Real world Advice”, “The Working Experience”, “My first Job” etc.


  • Students participate in a wide range of opportunities where they can meet and talk with business leaders in banking, consulting, retail, IT, venture capital, and other fields.
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