Energy Summit on “Energizing” 2030

Energy Summit on “Energizing” 2030

On Monday, 4th of March 2024 more than 130 business executives, professors, postgraduate students, and graduates participated in the Energy Summit focused on “Energizing 2030” which was organized by the i-MBA Energy & Sustainable Development Club in collaboration with the MBA International at NJV Athens Plaza Hotel.

This Summit marked the revival of the i-MBA Energy & Sustainable Development Club, which in the past had organised a series of Energy Conferences with top speakers from the market, highlighting current issues, trends, and challenges in the Energy sector and sustainable development more broadly.

The welcome speeches were addressed by Professor Eric Soderquist, Director of the MBA International, AUEB, Dimitris Sarantopoulos, Founder and former President of Energy & Sustainable Development Club and Head of Natural Gas Business Unit, HERON and Yiannis Kouloumpis, President of the Energy & Sustainable Development Club.

Distinguished speakers then addressed the audience. Konstaninos Sifnaios, Managing Director, GASTRADE, Nick Keramidas, Executive Director, European Affairs & Regulatory Advocacy, MYTILINEOS, Dimitrios Triantafyllopoulos, Managing Director, HELLENIC HYDROGEN, Emmanouil Moustakas, General Director of Business Development, Executive BoD Member, GEK TERNA, and Konstantinos Eleftheriadis, Partner, Energy Industry Leader, DELOITTE Greece.

All keynote speakers provided insights into the vast opportunities and challenges shaping the industry’s landscape. The discussion revolved around key themes, highlighting the dynamic nature of the energy sector and its critical role in global sustainability and economic development.


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