Integrated Impact Project

Towards the end of the course program, all Part-Time students are required to undertake a 2-credit Integrated Impact Project, executed in teams of minimum 3, maximum 4 students.

The IIP should start in period 5 the second academic year and can last until end October the same year (May – October) and touches upon societal dimensions.

There are three formal requirements in the IIP:

1. A strategic perspective of a business issue that integrates several functional/disciplinary aspects, e.g., Marketing, Finance, HR/OB, Logistics/Operations, Development/Innovation, etc.

2. Specification of an impact beyond business or organizational objectives, e.g., contributing to a social problem (e.g., exclusion, unemployment, immigration), enhancing sustainability of the business (e.g., reducing environmental impact, greening the supply chain, redesigning products/services), creating a greater good in a local community, addressing minority / discrimination issues, etc.

3. Formal collaboration with a company or an organization, identified, selected and approached by the students themselves. It can very well be the organization in which one of the team members work.

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